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I am well again

I have been coming to H&J Healing Clinic for approximately 6 months. I started with acupuncture to try to relieve problems having to do with constantly feeling tired, out of breath, feeling pressure in my chest, not being able to sleep at night, getting sick and bloated after almost every meal and having an almost constant ringing in my ear.

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Cyst is gone

I started receiving treatment from Dr. Hane in April of 2013 for my ovarian cyst. I had been diagnosed with a 2.7 cm simple cyst. Not wanting to have the surgery my OB/GYN was recommending, I researched articles how acupuncture could help. I had never tried acupuncture before, but I wanted to try a holistic approach to treatment. So, considering

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Body is Healing

Several months ago, I initially visited Hane Sook Lee for a severely inflamed and swelled thumb on my right hand that had doubled in that recovery I continued treatment for an undiagnosed chronic cough I’ve struggled with for over 12 years, and my cough in two months is now 75% improved.

The chronic cough aggravated stress incontinence which also continues

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Chronic Back Pain

HNJ are a very important part of my life. Through yoga and meditation, my chronic back pain has been greatly reduced and my back is much stronger than ever before. They helped me strengthen and regain use of a damaged leg. Meditation and exercise has helped me reduce and manage the stresses of life, work and family. This past winter,

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