I was constantly cold (92.5F base temp) and weak beyond words.

When a friend brought me HNJ Healing Clinic, I was constantly cold (92.5 F base temp) and weak beyond words. I had beed diagnosed with an under-performing thyroid condition that required ever increasing doses of med and my energy was depleted due to adrenal failure. I had to sit with my head between my knees several times a day just to gather the strength to go on. I wore long sleeves even in AZ heat, dreaded drafts and stepping out of the shower. I couldn’t schedule anything after 6 PM and my doctors were running out of ideas. Breath Qigong classes, acupuncture treatments, nutritional counseling and a couple of months on Oriental herbs saved my life. I now feel balanced, have energy to spare at the end of the day, and feel rested when I wake up. Thanks to the qigong training, I can even turn inner heat on at will from the lower belly and radiate it throughout my body or cool myself off from the inside out.

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from cold, chronic fatigue, or any other debilitating condition that conventional medicine does not relieve. You will regain your quality of life, learn to breathe and recharge your system in a safe, non challenging, highly professional and friendly environment.

Danielle Godfrey

Phoenix, AZ