I feel, look and act 10 years younger!

Let me begin by saying that Hane is by far the best alternative medicine practitioner I’ve ever encountered.  I began seeing her in late October of last year after having been diagnosed with an “enlarged” liver.  As usual, western medicine had no answer for me other than more, progressively invasive, tests.  After 4 months of weekly treatments, my entire internal system of organs has improved  function.  I feel, look, act, and sound much healthier.  What I initially thought were chronic structural aches and pains, turned out to be, what Hane told me, were issues with my liver, spleen and stomach. She also incorporates the conservative use of Chinese herbs for the best results.  Because of Hane’s treatments I feel, look and act 10 years younger!  This is the best money I’ve ever spent on my health!

Bill A. Phoenix, AZ