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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Life Coach program focuses on restoring the natural flow of Qi-energy in the body through connecting the cosmic energy.  There is an energy body that lies between the body and mind. This energy body consists of a meridian system that connects to each of our vital organs.  When we have an open meridian system, our mind can control our body well.

Our gifted and highly experienced spiritual healer, helps people regain optimal health by opening meridian channels that connect to each of our vital organs. This releases blockages and clears congestion throughout the body.  It also releases emotional and mental stress, balances the chakra system and strengthens your physical and spiritual power.  Over the years, Hane has helped to heal people from all over the world.  With her guidance, you can recover your health and regain joy and happiness in your life.

We invite you to set up an appointment and start feeling your best now! (70 min. $300)

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