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Breath Qigong Instructors




Jisun BEONG JEONG is an expert of breath and qigong practice. He was born in South Korea and has practiced and taught breath and qigong for over 30 years. He reinterpreted the ancient traditional breath and qigong to fit modern times by designing a breath qigong yoga program which he teaches in Phoenix and Scottsdale since 2006.






instructor-Mikaela-Marie-ErikssonMikaela Marie Eriksson

I have 20 years experience as a Registered Nurse. I am currently using this knowledge in my practice in energy medicine, which involves finding mental and emotional blockages that limit us in every area of our life, including physical ailments.
I have practiced various types of yoga for 15 years. Breath yoga has been extremely healing for me at many levels. It has brought me inner bliss, more inner peace, and a deeper awareness. Breath Yoga has given me the motivation to become an instructor. Namaste.


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