Healthy Foods for Fall

traditional chinese medicine foods for fall

The season of fall brings cooler weather and shorter days. As with any season, the world adjusts accordingly. Plants begin to go dormant, animals begin scrounging for food to store to get them through the upcoming winter months and humans start winterizing everything.

As fall descends on the land, it reminds us we need to start cutting back on the numerous cooling foods that are consumed during the summer months. Things like raw foods, salads, juices and fruits should be decreased because they can create too much cold in the body, according to traditional Chinese medicine. continue reading »

Five Reasons to Get Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

Statistics show eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain at some point during their life. Seeking medical treatment for back pain is very common. Typically back pain is fleeting and can be easily resolved with rest, heat and an occasional anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. However, once the damage is done, the recurrence of back pain can be as high as 50 percent. Part of this is because as we age, things like muscles and tendons become less flexible and pliable. It is also very well known in the United States, people are too sedentary and this leads to excess weight gain that can create added pressure on the body, especially the low back. continue reading »

Total Solar Eclipses

August 21 @ 9:14 am – 12:00 pm in Phoenix Arizona.

We have solar eclipses tomorrow morning.
Click picture to watch the animation shows what the solar eclipse looks like in Phoenix from www.timeanddate.com.

What Are The Signs Of Heat Stroke?

Tucson Is About To Get Very Hot; What Are The Signs Of Heat Stroke?

It’s hot and getting hotter in Tucson. While the heat is draining, it’s mostly just a nuisance for many of us in the Old Pueblo. But for young children and older people, it can be a severe health risk. And some people in those age groups may have trouble verbalizing that they are experiencing symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Here are some signs to watch out for this summer if your loved one is at risk for health problems caused by heat.

Not sweating: The heat causes plenty of perspiration, but if your child has stopped sweating in high heat, it could be a sign that she is in distress.

Dry skin: If skin is getting dry, that’s an indication that the person may not have enough water in their system and may be feeling the effects of heat stroke.

Cramping: Muscle cramps and spasms in high-heat conditions could indicate that the body is struggling to deal with the heat.

Restlessness: If the person is in some discomfort, they could become restless as an indication of heat stroke.

Confusion or dizziness: The heat can have an effect on the mind, especially in cases of heat stroke or exhaustion. If a person is tired or dizzy and has to sit down, he may be in danger of heat stroke.

Nausea or vomiting: Heat exhaustion or stroke may cause someone to be sick to their stomach.

For babies and young children, refusing to drink when offered is another indication of possible heat stroke.

If you find yourself or someone else suffering from these symptoms, your goal should be to cool down the person’s core with an ice bath or at least put ice packs on their body.

You should allow them to sip cool water or a non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic beverage if they are alert. Don’t give a drink to someone who is vomiting, and don’t give them aspirin or acetaminophen.

Most importantly, if you’re not sure what to do or if the symptoms appear serious, CALL 911.


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