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Breath Qigong Yoga

Watching Whole Class of Breath Qigong For Beginners

BREATH QIGONG YOGA is helps relieve stress of mind and relieve tension in the body,
Relaxation of upper body (face, shoulder and chest) is most important for DanJun breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply up to lower belly with relax upper body. If you do deep lower belly breathing without relaxed the upper body, the Qi-energy (heat) is reversed to the head which creates the adverse effect of causing headache or dizziness. The most important thing to do when you DanJun breathing is that it is most important to relax the upper body sufficiently. If you felt pressure going up to your face and shoulders, it means you are too much control your breath. You need more comfortable and natural breathing.

Every creature has breathing and electricity(Qi). Without breathing and electricity, there is no life. Breath Qigong is a method of charging Qi-enegy in the body through breathing which is the basis of life.


Breath Qigong Yoga is a traditional Korean health movement that harmonizes the body’s yin and yang energies through combines stretching, breathing and qi energy meditation.

“Qi” means electricity or vital energy in the body and “Gong” means exercising. Thus, Qi Gong involves working directly with one’s life-force to improve health. Qi, the inner energy, or power, maintains its internal and external equilibrium by moving, or “orbiting,” inside and outside the body.

When the body’s Qi is moving properly, the body blood system is working properly, state of homeostasis, a person is healthy. Diseases and disorders occur when this inner energy is in stasis or still. The practice of Qi Gong helps to enhance the orbiting, the movement of this inner energy, thereby bringing balance to the body.

Breath Qigong Yoga class focus on your breath. Practice make deep and slow breath up to your lower belly, it call DanJun in East Asia. DanJun breathing brings down heat to the belly from brain and heart. This heat in the belly makes water circulation in the body and brings holistic health. It called Yin and Yang harmony in East Asian philosophy.

By practicing Qi Gong, a person can promote health, prevent disease, and even enhance beauty and delay aging. Qi Gong, by adjusting respiration, relaxing muscles and mind, and promoting circulation produces.

Our 75 minute class is so easy and simple. So most of people can enjoy this class.
Through this class, you will quickly notice a change in how you feel as you become more relaxed and fill up with energy.

75 Minute Class includes:


Stretching or wiggling exercise (30 minutes)

These movements are for release physical tension and increases flexibility. This special wiggling exercise is excellent for relieving the physical and mental stress.

hohupyoga3 Meditative Breathing (30 minutes) 

This meditative of breathing is a simple yet powerful technique. You will have deep relaxation and recharging energy while this breathing practice.

It also helps you gain freedom from your thoughts and emotions to create an inner calm and peaceful mind.

energy meditation

Energy Meditation or Qigong Exercise (15 minutes)
This energy meditation helps to regulate the mind by awakening energy to the body. Qigong exercise is a way to relax the upper body and train the lower body to helps performance body work effectively with balance.





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