Master this simple principle and enjoy a healthy body,
a clear mind and a more balanced and joyful life!
Cool head warm feet
H&J Healing Clinic For Your Happy and Joyful Life
As the mind fills up with thoughts and emotions, the heat
energy in your body collects in your head, causing your
abdomen to lose warmth. This condition affects the natural
flow of Qi(energy) throughout your body, It also affects your
blood circulation. While in this state of imbalance, the muscles
in your body tighten and your hands and feet get cold.
As stress sets in,  you also may experience insomnia, fatigue,
tension and anxiety   

H&J Healing Clinic can help you master the art of keeping a
cool head and warm feet with our unique Breath Qigong Yoga
and Acupuncture. Through this simple yet powerful discipline,
you will learn how to recharge Qi (energy) to restore balance
within your body. This will create good health and inner calm.
You will quickly notice a change in how you feel as you become
more relaxed, centered, and filled with abundant energy.
  • Healthy State

  • Cool head & Warm feet

  • You are dynamic and lively

  • Excellent circulation

  • Sweet saliva in the mouth

  • You have clarity of thought

  • One feels refreshed and

  • Strong immunity
Check Your Energy Balance
  • Unhealthy State

  • Hot head & Cold feet

  • You are disconnected
and lifeless

  • Poor circulation

  • Dry mouth with
a bitter taste

  • Heat and pain
in the head

  • One feels tired and

  • Weak immunity