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Yin and Yang Harmony


YinYang smallAll life is in the balance of harmonized Yin-Yang energies, translated as water and fire in the human body. When Yin-Yang energy in the body  is harmonized,  hands and feet feel warm, the head is cool and saliva is abundant in the mouth. This is the healthy state where the mind becomes less stressed, the body is flexible and the immune power is strong enough to keep disease at bay.
If Yin-Yang energy in the body is disharmonized and off-balance, hands and feet feel cold, the head overheats and the mouth is dry. These are symptoms of the unhealthy state where the mind gets stressed and stressful easily, the body is stiff,  and the immune system weak.



Cool Head Warm Feet is the Principle of Health and Peace

Master this simple principle to manage Stress, Anxiety, Pain for healthier, happier and peaceful life.

.  As the mind fills up with thoughts and emotions, the heat energy in your body collects in your head, causing your abdomen to lose warmth. This condition affects the natural flow of Qi(energy) throughout your body.  It also affects your blood circulation.  While in this state of imbalance, the muscles in your body tighten and your hands and feet get cold.  As stress sets in,  you also may experience insomnia, fatigue, tension and anxiety.

H&J Healing Clinic can help you master the art of keeping a cool head and warm feet with our unique Breath Qigong Yoga and Acupuncture. Through this simple yet powerful discipline, you will learn how to recharge Qi (energy) to restore and balance within your body. This will create good health and inner calm. You will quickly notice a change in how you feel as you become more relaxed, centered, and filled with abundant energy.


Check your Yin and Yang Balance


hotheadcoldfeet l

Hot head cold feet

Unhealthy State
Disconnection, static, lifelessness
Dry mouth
Cold hands and feet
Constipation, digestive problems
Tired and uncomfortable
Stress and racing thoughts
Insomnia, depression
Weak immune power



coolheadwarmfeet sCool head and warm feet

Healthy State
Circulation, dynamic, liveliness
Abundant saliva in the mouth
Warm hand and feet
Cool and refreshed head
Warm abdomen filled with energy
Regular bowel movements
Refreshed and energized
Peace and Joy
Strong immune power



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